Day 116: Shuanglang (双廊) – October 11th

Waking up, we decided to find some good eats online, but downtown Shuanglang is about the size of a Walmart (maybe even smaller) so we didn’t have much alternatives to begin with. That being said, the average quality of food is very high. For lunch, we had this supposed French restaurant, but upon arrival we found that it served pizzas and pastas, while the table next to us were drinking Jack Daniels…and when the food came we felt totally gypped.

It didn’t matter though, because we read about this highly rated place (which was right across from the “French” restaurant) and for the rest of the day we were looking forward to their famous roast pork….

At this point, we realized our lives were a bit rotten, with not stress and nothing to do except looking forward to tonight’s meal. To add insult to injury, we realized our ‘hotel’ was also run as a hostel, and it accepted volunteers to eat/dine there for free as long as you’re willing to help teach at the local elementary school!!

Never mind all that jazz, this vacation needs to be well vacayed!!! So on our way back to our hotel, we found this hostel that sold wine, and we bought ourselves a ridiculously cheap bottle of Chilean wine (nothing imported is ever cheap in China…) which tasted pretty darn good, and hunkered down in our room watching movies. We watched 违忘, and 3 Idiots. So far on our trip, we’ve been very lucky in that, all the movies we’ve seen were all very good movies, and 3 Idiots was possibly was one of the best. Highly recommended!!!!!

At night, we ate at the highly rated place, and found it totally overrated. To add insult to injury, by the time we finished dinner, the dessert place CLOSED!!! Oh well…

In fact, the only thing bad about this is that we’ve been TOO spoiled, but never mind that as in 2 days we’ll be heading to Nepal to trek for 15days and eat nothing but curry and potatoes.
Spoilito, ergo sum.

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