Day 110: Lijiang (丽江) – October 5th

Wandering around the old town of Lijiang, it feels almost like a dream come true for all tourists. Built at the foothills of Yulong Glacier Mountain, the area is sculpted around a series of flowing rivers, stone bridges and built over the heritage of local Naxi people. Stores are all meticulously designed from their catchy names, to their crafts and wares. Coffee shops all use neatly designed cups, with cozy handcrafted goods or ‘artifacts’ from local Naxi people. Almost everything looks so magical, it’s like a tourist heaven made by Walt Disney!

Lijiang is now a magnet for all kinds of artsy-fartsy creative people, but more importantly it has a unofficial slogan: 艳遇丽江. Not sure how it got this name but apparently it’s a common theme, as posted explicitly by almost all bars! We suspect it got this name because in the old town, it is IMPOSSIBLE to know where you’re going, and we guess most people just don’t bother trying to find their way home after getting so drunk so they just follow whoever’s there to take them home?? Just a theory.. =P but seriously, for those whose been, it’s worst than Venice!!!!

For lunch, we ate at this small ghetto place that’s extremely popular for its preserved-ribs (similar to Cantonese style preserved-sausage?) hotpot. One ‘interesting’ thing about this restaurant was that, except for cooking, you have to do everything yourself. From getting cutlery, drinks, veggies for hot pot (all you can eat!), when the table next to us asked for the bill the owner said “You count yourself!”. Ha ha… style.

We found a cozy comfy coffee shop and had two coffees and a slice of tiramisu. Again, we sat there early afternoon til dinner time and read… you can only see so much of a touristy old town before getting weary and wanting some coffee. On a plus side of such a popular spot is that, there’s more variety to food and we found a Cantonese restaurant! Score! Before heading back home, we found this lovely bar with an amazing performer singing lovely tunes. The bar was packed, and all seats geared towards the stage with very little conversation, with everyone there just to hear her sing…. it was a lovely way to end the evening… despite no 艳遇 we were both happy to walk back home hand in hand. =)

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