Day 101: Zedang (泽当) – September 26th

Waking up as early as possible, we wanted to see if we can get up onto the mountain tops where the ‘viewing platform’ is for you to see the Oracle Lake’s miraculous powers. This is the lake where high-lamas go for signs of the next Dalai Lama or other reincarnations of other high-lamas.

For commoners, it is purported we can see our past, present and future life….amazing!

When we got to the ticket-stop, we were told that there road to the mountain top is closed due to construction, and are only able to go down to the lake side. Nooo! Not content at the situation, we ignored the authorities like any respectable Chinese person, and still drove up into the mountains hehehe… On our way up, the roads were totally fine, thanks to the massive amounts of construction crews living in tents. Workers just woke up and haven’t really started working, so we whizzed past all of them before we hit the parking lot to the viewing platform.

It was short climb up to the top with stairs, and after a brisk 20minute climb we finally made it to the top. The funny thing was, our Tibetan driver wanted to come up with us, but he put his heritage to shame as he barely made it half way by the time we were at the top, and we can see him huffing and puffing down below…hehe

The beautiful part about the road closures is that we had the whole mountain top to ourselves! We’ll pay for it later, but that’s a different story. From our perspective at the mountain top, the lake was situated at the opposite end of a valley, compact and neatly shaped. The water itself was calm, unlike that of a reflection pond with a glacier towering behind it….but size isn’t what’s important here, it’s how you use it.

The Visions of Oracle Lake

Alan: A volcano emerged shortly after witnessing the lake. In my mind, this was to be Mount Vesuvius, reinforcing my notion that I was Roman/Italian in my prior life resulting in my interest in their architecture/food/arts. Sitting idly next to the volcano was a princess with long hair, and a vision of a wise old man with a crown appeared above her. Like a Etch-N-Sketch board, the whole image changed with a moment’s notice as the view now turned into a young man, resembling a prince, standing tall in an athletic stance. Another moment passed, another change, and this time it was a chef, walking briskly whilst holding high a platter of food. And the very last vision was that of a beach, with a very young girl happily chasing after a ball.

Jiajia: A lobster ( ha ha ha ). For the longest time, the vision of a lobster appeared on the surface of the lake and wouldn’t move. Next was a ying-yang face, before finally turning into a snow-capped mountain.

We stood there for almost 45minutes, and that was what we saw. Without looking very deeply into our visions and taking it for face value, a lobster is a pretty awesome vision no matter what context you put it in…hehehe. Our Tibetan driver has been here four times, and he’s never seen anything. Guess we’ve got a little more ‘seeds of wisdom’ than he does.

And with that was the end of our adventure and we headed back to town. Problem was, construction is now in full bloom and the 13km dirt path was dotted with asphalt pavers and excavators, all of whom knew we weren’t supposed to be on the trail and never bothered moving out of the way for us and turned a 1hr trip into 2hrs!! Oh well, it was all worth’d =P

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