Day 80: Lhasa (拉萨) – September 5th

In the morning, both of us felt slightly worst than the day before and figured we should see the doctor again. We went into the Military Police Hospital, which serves both the public and the military police. The nurses here rock! And the doctors use different medicines, so afterwards we both felt better after the IV treatment, yay!

Through a stroke of luck, we managed to find another couple looking to head into the Ali region with similar interests, and we booked our 15-17day trip, departing tomorrow! Awesome!

We spent the rest of the day preparing meds and foods for the trip, as the average altitude will be around 4200m above sea level. The trip includes many scenic lakes, Everest Base Camp, numerous glaciers and even some wildlife sightings (real wildlife, untamed by mankind).

Can’t wait! Finally we can get back on the road!

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