Day 72: Xining (西宁) – August 29

Meeting some people at the hostel, we formed a group on a more education day to the Qinghai provincial museum. Being extremely impressed with the Gansu museum, we wanted to have a comparison between the neighbours. Arriving at the massive, recently built structure, we walked towards the front entrance and noticed a tent at the entrance. As we got close, we saw a sign

“Due to heavy rains eroding the foundation of the northern part of the structure, the museum will be temporarily closed until repairs are complete.”


This place looks so new! Foundation is failing already? The country really needs to up its building standards…So without any other plans, we wanted to head into the only other museum in the city, the only Tibetan medicine museum in the country (There isn’t even one in Tibet!). Gladly, we called them to see if they were open, because for some outlandish reason the electricity stopped in that part of the city so the exhibits are closed!!!! Guess fate didn’t want the group of us to learn…

So we ended up heading back to the hostel and playing 三国杀(refined version of Bang!) until 2am…. hahaha

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