Day 69: Xining (西宁) – August 26

Alarm was set at 6am, as we had to take an 8:30am bus back into the city of Xining. Water + Electricity, here we come!

One issue: It’s over 850km away, and despite having actual ROADS (unlike the muddy mess we’ve been used to for the past couple), the trip is estimated to take 15hours!

More issues: The bus had no air conditioning, people were smoking in the bus, sunflower seeds all ovr the floor, and people keep throwing up! The bus had windows, but somehow people don’t like opening them. So we sat in stale, vomit-smelling air filled with smoke from 8:30am to 12:05am the next day!!

To add insult to injury, my seat was broken so instead of keeping your back straight like a normal chair, it would recline into the lap of the person behind me everytime I leaned back!!!!!!

After this bus trip, our tolerances for long-distance trips have exponentially increased….. We quickly got into our beds and got some much needed rest.

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3 thoughts on “Day 69: Xining (西宁) – August 26

  1. Heroko Yihe Zhao

    do u guys still remember what it is like working at the desk?

    • Of course, but instead of working at a desk now what we do full time is to find places to go. It is Q3, and we definitely don’t miss doing M&A changes or Plan =P

  2. Reclining into the other person’s lap…lol! But omg…that sounds like a torturous bus ride.

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