Day 63: Baiyu (白玉) – August 19

Another day of bumpy ride, another round of interesting people. Today, we rode with a lama and his thuggy friend. As mentioned before, most young Tibetan locals look a bit like GUWAKJAI(古惑仔).I’m not sure how to describe this, but the lama had some scars on his head and looked like he’s got a past of his own. The ride was long, so the lama suggested we grab lunch first. We sat down for a bowl of noodles, and the lama went ahead and paid for all of us. Later, he saw our iPhone and he whipped his out too!

Lama Note #1: They have disposable income…(sometimes quite a lot from people’s 供养!)

Apparently the lama have some friends going to the same place we’re heading, so he’s going there to show them around the area.

Lama Note #2: They don’t always study/meditate, they have vacation too!

During the ride, the lama joked with us the whole time. His thuggy friend was even more friendly, telling us local stories of the land, telling us how to get around etc. At the end of the ride, the lama even paid more to compensate the lack of the full car!

Seriously, so far all the people we’ve met, no matter what age, no matter how ghetto they looked, they are ALL VERY NICE! Let’s hope we don’t meet any bad apples!

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One thought on “Day 63: Baiyu (白玉) – August 19

  1. Heroko Yihe Zhao

    wow……pay more to compensate lack of full car, that is super nice.

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