Day 54: Jiuzhi (久治) – August 10

The best part about living in remote areas is that, you’d get spectacular views of stars! The problem was, the next morning when we woke up the clouds came up again… W T F. Fine, we left the village without seeing much of anything and headed into our next destination.

The village we stayed at was too small, so we had to transfer buses. We got dropped off at a bridge, which also serves as a bus stop as proven by the fact that a bench and a snack bar exists. We fueled up with instant noodles and waited for our transfer. One funny thing is, we were actually standing RIGHT at the border of the Gansu province and the Sichuan province!

The bus ride was extremely bumpy and dusty over a dirt road. Some locals stuck their heads out the window to throw up, while us foreigners took a nap! The scenery along both sides though were splendid.

When we got into town, we were blown away by how ridiculously dusty this place is. Seems like a lot of these rural towns are in ‘development’ phase, where every road is being re-paved and new buildings are being put up. This means, extremely horrible air conditions….

We spent the day relaxing, and gathering necessary supplies and information.. Tomorrow we’ll be going into a park to do a 3-4 day hike, with highest altitude levels of over 4800m!

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