Day 51: Dari Village (达日) – August 7

We finally got a hold of the Tibetan family! Taking a 40min cab ride up winding roads into the mountains, we got into the 3rd village of this mountain range. When we got there, the family’s mother was already waiting for us, literally with open arms. She helped us carry our massive backpack!! When we got past her two family pigs and her guard dog, we got into her humble home. She treated us to some Tibetan specialities, yak-butter tea (酥油茶) and momo (Tibetan bread). The taste… is definitely something you need to acquire. Just imagine, putting about 2 teaspoons of butter into a cup of tea, and about 3 teaspoons of sugar. The strangest part is, they usually drink it with SALT! But as guests, they were used to us foreigners drinking it with sugar. It was very filling, is all I can say.

We wandered around the mountain roads in the afternoon, attempted to climb a ridiculously steep hill and realized going up wasn’t the hard part, coming back down was! Sixty degree slopes and loose rock is not a good combo. We headed back into to our Tibetan guest home just in time for some evening chores and dinner. When we got back, the kids were washing their hands from playing around in the dirt/mud all day. After washing until the water was black, the kid continues to wash his face with the black soapy water….. Oh, and this kid has a cold so for the whole time day and night, he had snot running down his nose. Sorta cute actually until he sneezes in your face…hehe.

The dining experience deserve a post of its own.

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One thought on “Day 51: Dari Village (达日) – August 7

  1. Heroko Yihe Zhao

    did u guys try the local way of wiping??

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