Day 50: Diebu (迭部) – August 6

Heading back to the southern part of Gansu, we woke up early to take a bus at 9:40am, arriving at 5:30pm. It’s as if we’ve spent office hours riding on a bus!

Our original plan was to head out about 30km from town and into a village at the foot of the “Juggernaut”迦尕那 mountains (I made the name up, as the pronunciation sounds about the same hehe) and stay with a local Tibetan family which was recommended by Lonely Planet. We contacted them and got everything setup in the morning, and they seemed extremely hospitable over the phone! When we got into the Diebu town and tried contacting the family, their phones were turned off!!!!! So without any other alternatives, we looked around local hotels.

I don’t know how this works, but this place has some RIDICULOUSLY nice and clean hotels. For a town without much of a tourism industry (locals gave us a lot of surprised looks with our backpacks), the hotels are probably the nicest (and cheapest!) we’ve seen so far. The streets are also very clean and modern, like the whole city was built within the past 3 years!

Our current location!

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