Day 29&30: Qilian 祁连– July 16, 17

The inevitable finally happened, one of us got sick… The skies were gloomy and the streets were empty, so we found a nice little boutique hotel, or a cooler way of saying a small independently owned hotel with a nice garden that’s next door to a paint shop and an auto mechanic.

We settled in, did some laundry and watched The Voice… of China. Seriously, the people they put up on that show is INCREDIBLE. There’s this blind street performer from Taiwan, or this 11th generation prince of some minority group that looks a bit prehistoric. Thank goodness for wireless internet!

So resting up for a couple of days and eating some decent halal food that resembled Korean stone bowl soups, we’ve planned out our trip for the next couple of days and are excited to get back on the road!

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2 thoughts on “Day 29&30: Qilian 祁连– July 16, 17

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    Hi, Guys


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