Day 26: Heimahe (黑马河) – July 13, 2012

Moving deeper into the Tibetan Plateau, we set our sights on Lake Kokonor (青海湖)! Today we finally saw the fields of blooming canola flowers! This lake is actually at an elevation of 3,205m above sea level, as a reference Mount Robson is at 3,959m above sea level! It’s a sacred lake of the local Tibetan people, and looks an amazing blue, melding itself into the horizon as one with the blue skies.

 A popular activity lately is to do a round trip bike ride along the lake side, there’s also an international competition that was held just last week! We contemplated doing the tour, as it is a very popular activity amongst tourist, but we just aren’t sure if we can handle 360km of bike rides while 3000m above sea level!

We did manage to rent a bike to tour around the area, and took a ride down to the lake side! It was very exhilarating, but also quite scary as trucks and SUVs would whizz by you and the turbulence would sway your bike!

More pictures, as promised:

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2 thoughts on “Day 26: Heimahe (黑马河) – July 13, 2012

  1. tree

    take care 🙂 and have fun!! 😀

  2. So pretty!

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