Day 16-17: Shanghai 上海 – July 2-3

After our 25hour endeavour from leaving Vancouver, we finally arrived in Shanghai. One way to describe Shanghai: Hot.

I think during that week there was this worldwide heatwave, with Shanghai reaching 38C, and North America hitting above 100F in some parts. Not cool… literally, not cool.

With jet lag, we got our day started early and headed over to eat some traditional Shanghainese breakfast 点心at 南翔, inside the popular tourist attraction 城隍庙.

We needed to get some travel books (Lonely Planet, highly recommended for travel!), and walked about 3km to one of Shanghai’s largest bookstore. Well, guess what, they don’t carry Lonely Planet! Dang. No worries, Google Maps to the rescue! Since bookstores are usually publishing houses too, we Googled the publisher to see where they have a store and were on our way. A 15min subway ride, and 30min walk in blistering sun got us to…… an industrial building with publishers, none of which corresponds to the one we looked up!!! F A I L. Probably the first time Google has failed so miserably, for me…. oh well, we ended up buying it online that night and it arrived the next day at 2pm.

After walking in the blistering heat and drinking 2L of water, we ate some lunch and ran some errands. By 7pm, we were pooped. Literally. Not sure if it was the mild heat-stroke or something we ate, but over the next 12hours we constantly frequented the bathroom…..

What a great start to our trip!

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3 thoughts on “Day 16-17: Shanghai 上海 – July 2-3

  1. LOL! Keep hydrated guys!!!

  2. Heroko Yihe Zhao

    it is kinda funny picturing u 2 fighting for the bathroom…..

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